My Philosophy

Business innovation – driven by emerging technologies, changes to our environment and advances in knowledge – is fuelling exciting new markets and bringing disruption and opportunity to traditional sectors.   As a consultant, mentor and coach I work with you to fully deliver your business ambitions and achieve success in this exciting world.

Using my years of business experience, I help you to break down complexity, gain focus, push decision making and be action-orientated.  I work solely with the leaders of growth businesses:  start-ups, scale-ups and new businesses inside existing corporations.

My philosophy is simple: entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely struggle and those who seek out mentorship, constructive advice, helpful networks and feedback have a greater likelihood of changing the world.   Businesses that win are those which combine a strong vision with an ability to deliver.  My role is to support you along that journey.  I provide sage guidance to leapfrog the pain of learning on the job and help you make fewer mistakes. Together we will boost your business competencies and capabilities, get the right team around you and drive hard to reach – and exceed – targets.

My career background is Private Equity, Strategy Consulting and blue-chip FMCG marketing.  I’ve seen what works to grow businesses across multiple industries and my career path has made me multi-dimensional.  I’m skilled at finance, sales & marketing, operations, organisational structure, people management and investment.

My motivation is seeing businesses grow, thrive and excel by exploiting the powerful combination of exemplary business acumen with new innovation.  There is nothing that delights me more than having your business succeed.

If you are interested in being mentored by Jill Ridley-Smith or having her on your Board of Directors as a Non-Exec, please get in touch through the contact page or other social media.