Version 2Innovation, technology, the environment and knowledge all add to the mix that fuels the way we do business today as compared to years gone by.  We are operating in a fast moving, changing world but what makes a business successful is an unerring constant.  It is having a product or service that meets a customer need for a price they are willing to pay.  Simple.   Just as the position of the sun will always tell the time.

I advise, guide and mentor business leaders.  I help them face challenges around people management, leadership, organisation structure and investment decisions, and together we explore the opportunities of business growth, brand identity and diversification.  These are the type of challenges and opportunities all growth businesses face regardless of tech, sector or product.  Indeed, some might call them ‘traditional’ challenges.   Developing competencies in these areas stops you making mistakes, lets you leapfrog ‘learning by doing’ and gets you to your goals.  Ultimately, it will be the differentiated tech or unique product or service meeting an unmet customer need that propels your business to big success but you can easily be tripped up by the distractions of actually running the business effectively and motivating your employees.

As a Non-Executive Director and Business Mentor I work with businesses to impart experience, networks, business skills and insights.  I am motivated by seeing businesses grow, thrive and excel by exploiting the powerful combination of exemplary business acumen with new tech, innovation and ideas.

If you are interested in being mentored by Jill Ridley-Smith or having her on your Board of Directors, please get in touch through the contact page or other social media.