Business Strategy for a Sustainable Future

Today, emerging technologies and advances in knowledge, data and insights are fuelling exciting new business markets and disrupting traditional sectors. This is against a backdrop of upheaval for our planet and true recognition of the value of people and their diversity. To win, companies need to focus on creating stakeholder value, not just shareholder value.

Choose to be led by purpose, foster talent, reduce your impact on the planet, seize opportunities and deliver for the long-term.

I work with companies to deliver their business ambitions and achieve success sustainably in this exciting world. Let’s break down complexity, gain focus, drive decision making, be action-orientated, set targets and deliver on them.

Be driven by curiosity and interest

Act with integrity and use values to guide

Focus on what is material and achievable

Generate creative and surprising ideas

Recognise perfection is the enemy of action

Learn generously with an open mind

About Me

I have a successful portfolio career as a business consultant and Non-Executive Director. Before this, I worked in Private Equity, Strategy Consulting and blue-chip FMCG marketing.  My Sustainability/ESG qualifications are from the Value Reporting Foundation (formerly SASB), Oxford Said Business School and Wharton.

My motivation is seeing businesses grow, thrive and excel by exploiting the powerful combination of innovation, exemplary business acumen and corporate responsibility to the planet, people and profit.  

Contact Jill Ridley-Smith for Consulting services or for Non-Executive Board Directors roles through the contact page or via other social media.